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You can get in touch with Casino Beacon via any of the following:


Telephone: 0034 651 753 703 (please note that we do not use Skype)

If you need to send us anything in the post, please contact us first by one of the above methods.

Didn't Casino Beacon used to be UK-specific only?

Yes. However, this website is now for visitors from ALL countries and we're doing our best to provide reviews, games and bonuses for as many countries as possible. The UKGC/UK government's actions have made decent UK bonuses almost impossible for legitimate gambling firms to offer and caused many of the BEST online casinos to exit the UK online gambling market entirely. Lots more online casinos are expected to block/exclude UK players in the coming months and years. Even play-for-fun games have been removed from most casinos for UK players. Thanks, politicians!

As evidenced from our UK-dedicated pages and reviews, we are not abandoning the UK market and there are still some casinos offering good bonuses to UK visitors. We're even launching a new, 'with-the-current-market' UK casinos site later in 2023. But from here on, Casino Beacon should be considered a global site rather than just for Brits. If you thought gambling legislation in the UK and other European counties has been introduced to protect you - the player - then think again. That was never the plan - but it is exactly what you are INTENDED to believe and read about in the media to justify the probably irreparable theft and destruction going on behind-the-scenes.

In reality, pretty much everything so far actioned by the incompetent UKGC/UK Government has all been about enormous fines/money grabs, unrealistically high taxes and a relentless stream of blatant misinformation that can and has put companies out of business, all under the guise of player protection. If you're a reader of The Guardian 'newspaper' rag or a BBC TV viewer/online news reader then you'll also certainly already have read several of these deceptive, pure-fantasy 'stories'.

We are fully aware the above is NOT the 'official message' those 'in charge' want us to publish. Tough luck. Unlike the bureaucrats and fake-news 'journalists' who have led the best casinos to run for the hills, WE know our industry and have players' best interests at heart and that is not about to change no matter what BS is foisted onto the majority of similar websites.

Advertisers note: If you want to advertise a dodgepot casino then please contact another site - just sod off, we're not interested in promoting your fly-by-night operation no matter how much dirty money you've got to chuck around. ALSO IMPORTANT - our Advertiser Code-of-Conduct requires immediate termination of dealings with any brand or network demanding personal documentation from us, so if you're expecting a personal ID theft kit (ie. passports, driving licences, bank statements) from us or anyone connected to Casino Beacon or other sites in our network then you can expect a swift kick up the arse and a refusal to advertise your brand(s). If you are interested in advertising a good, honest, fast-paying online casino and agree to our conditions then you are welcome to contact us for more information.

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